Our Team


Stephen Margulies


Considered an expert in the industry, Stephen has over 35 years of experience in the lighting industry. His dedication to design excellence is palpable to all who have the opportunity to collaborate with him.


    Jack Bailey


    With more than 25 years of experience, Jack’s design inspiration lives at the cross roads of aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible. He is fiercely committed to remaining a force in his work and in the industry at large.


      Fernando Soler


      Fernando’s experience in lighting design spans more than two decades, resulting in a strong portfolio full of beautiful visual environments. His love for all things architecture and design is what drives his design objectives.


        Yasamin Shahamiri

        Associate Principal

        Yasamin deeply analyzes each project she takes on to ensure exceptional design for her clients. This combination proves to be the basis of her success.


          Leo Chui


          Leo has more than 3 years of experiences as a project coordinator working in interior construction industry before he enters the lighting world. With that experience, Leo is able to deliver feasible design to fulfill the client’s need.


            SoHyung Bahng

            Senior Lighting Designer

            SoHyung merges her focus on energy efficiency with high quality design to create exceptional results for her clients.


              Huanhai Cheng

              Senior Associate

              Huanhai retains extensive experience in architectural and lighting design. His technical expertise produces artistic lighting concepts and brings cutting edge lighting solutions.


                Yon Choy

                Associate Principal

                Yon dedicates her talents in leadership and impeccable design to every project she works on. As a result of this, she successfully completed many award-winning projects and she is sought out by a multitude of architectural teams. With this advancement, she is hoping to create new opportunities to be responsible for the next iconic projects.


                  Chang Kwon

                  Residential/ Hospitality Manager

                  Over 18 years of lighting design experience in NYC, leading the design process on a large base of projects in the commercial, residential, hotel, educational, broadcast, and governments sectors. Utilizing energy efficient lighting solutions, with cost analysis, special awareness and LEED initiatives, created environments emphasizing wellbeing and productivity of the occupants, for an improved bottom line for the clients. Full architectural training and a broad project experience provides the tenure and ability to create unique, successful lit environments, and to see those projects through construction phases to final completion.


                    Aldo Espina

                    Senior Lighting Designer

                    Aldo’s penchant for illustration and strong creative sense is key in his ability to conceptualize fresh and innovative lighting solutions. This paired with a background in architecture and lighting design as well as a dedication to his work have achieved many successful projects.


                      Carlina Geraci


                      Having worked both in Boston and New York City as an architectural lighting designer, Carlina Geraci brings an award winning creative aesthetic to her projects. With a background in architecture, she applies her technical knowledge to create beautifully lit environments. Her attention to detail and close collaboration with clients results in celebrating the architecture and creating an inviting experience through light.


                        An Hsu

                        Lighting Designer

                        Before becoming a lighting designer, An Hsu worked as an architectural designer for more than two years. This experience allows her to deal with the use of light within various scales of the built environment. She specializes in design and data visualization when delivering design concepts. An is also a recent recipient of the 2022 Immersive Arts for Health Global Student Design Competition and the presenter of the IES 2022 Annual Conference and LEDucation 2022 for her thesis.


                          Laurie Kriss

                          Finance Manager

                          Laurie relies on her years of bookkeeping and office management experience to oversee the financial elements of the company. As a long time employee of One Lux Studio, she is a wealth of knowledge to the entire office.


                            Taki Taniguchi

                            Senior Lighting Designer

                            Taki combines her three passions of lighting, architecture, and interior design to construct inventive schemes for her clients. Her creative energy allows her the ability to work with complex teams and manage the internal performance of her projects.


                              Kate Park

                              Senior Associate

                              Kate utilizes her combined experience of more than twenty years in art, architecture, and lighting design to develop creative lighting solutions. Her creativity starts with understanding the architectural, cultural, and environmental contexts and incorporates the user’s perspective, which is supported by strong technical knowledge of the light, lighting, controls & codes together with fundamental aesthetics balance. The result is many successful projects throughout Kate’s career.


                                Jo Li

                                Lighting Designer

                                After graduated from CCA (California College of the Arts) interior design BFA and Parsons lighting design MFA and minor in design studies. Jo Li began her design journey in interior architecture and extended into lighting. Overall, she identifies herself as an ideas person, which she has been consistently maintaining in that role throughout her education in group projects and through her work experiences. She has the technical expertise, especially graphical skillsets. Her top strengths include generating creative ideas, problem-solving while knowing who her audience is.


                                  Kuan Li

                                  Director of Design Technology

                                  Combining her prior experience in architecture with her extensive interest in digital simulation technologies, Kuan utilizes the availability of new software and tech to enhance the workflow from conceptual design to construction documentation.


                                    Morgan Mowins


                                    Morgan looks to her background in interior design and her years of experience in lighting design to fulfill her clients’ needs. As a highly organized person and previous project manager, she strives to create a seamless design experience.


                                      Jake Needham

                                      Lighting Designer

                                      With a background in architecture and interior design, Jake’s creativity stems from a balance of aestheticism and functionalism. His design methodology is informed by a human centric vision. He is always looking to find sustainable, collaborative, and technology-driven solutions to modern lighting challenges.


                                        Claire Song

                                        Lighting Designer

                                        Combining her background in interior architecture, lighting design, and furniture design, Claire focues on creating a safe, comfortable, and pleasant light environment that enhances the quality of spatial experience.


                                          Jen (Seoyeon) Park

                                          Senior Lighting Designer

                                          Jen brings her creativity from an interdisciplinary background in both interior design and lighting design. Her dedication to creating thoughtful, dynamic lighting solutions is inspired by the integral role lighting plays in shaping the viewer or occupant’s experience of a space.